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Charles M. Schulz: Cartoonist and Creator of Peanuts (People to Know)

By Michael Schuman
A biography of the artist whose "Li'l Folks" turned into the most successful comic strip of all time, "Peanuts," including how his characters reflected events in his own life.

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Charles Schulz (Real-Life Reader Biography)

By Jim Whiting
Charles Schulz knew that he had been born to draw comic strips. "My ambition from earliest memory," he said, "was to produce a daily comic strip... My earliest recollection of drawing and getting credit for it is from kindergarten. The teacher gave us huge sheets of white paper and large black crayons. I drew a man shoveling snow, and she came around, paused, looked at my picture, and said, ‘Someday, Charles, you are going to be an artist.’"

From these humble beginnings, Charles Schulz developed a love of comics and a strong desire to draw cartoons. His only training in art came from a correspondence course he took shortly before World War II. When he was 28, in 1950, United Feature Syndicate picked up his comic strip with Charlie Brown and decided the strip would be called "Peanuts." Seven newspapers carried that first cartoon and Schulz was paid $90 for it. Over the next fifty-plus years, Charlie Brown and Snoopy became icons in the comic world. And when their author died on February 12, 2000, millions of fans mourned. Here is the story of a man nicknamed "Sparky" and the lovable characters he created.

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Good Grief: The Story of Charles M. Schulz

By Rheta Grimsley Johnson
Though Charles Schulz created one of the world's most popular comic strips and became a celebrity in the process, he remained a very private person. He was a rather simple man, and though he took the name of Charlie Brown from an old friend, Charles Schulz was the true soul of that lovable loser. GOOD GRIEF examines the life of Schulz, his work, and it's effect upon society. The book remains the most informative work on Schulz and gives insight into the inspiration for most of the Peanuts gang and even the story about the real "little red-haired girl". The only real flaw is that the book skips around from past to present from description to analysis from looking at Schulz to talking about one of his characters. It's not a bad style, but unfortunately in this case ruffles the flow of the biography. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful book for any Peanuts fan to read and also would be a good reference for anyone wanting to gain an apprectiation of one of the best comic strip artists of all time.

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Charles M. Schulz: Conversations

By M. Thomas Inge
Not the usual skimpy biography or comic compilation, this is a lengthy (300-plus pages) and thoughtful Q&A session between Schulz and well-prepared and insightful interviewers. Schulz' modesty, thoughts on life and humor, and love of his craft are easy to discern, and the details of the history of "Peanuts" and the creative process are, quite obviously, as "inside" as they come. Amply illustrated with comic strips. A fitting tribute.

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