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A Charlie Brown Christmas (Books, Videos, Music, and Toys)

Beware of the Snoring Ghost
For Ages 4-8

There's a mysterious snoring sound coming from Peppermint Patty's old desk ... the kids call it the "Snoring Ghost." Could the desk really be haunted?

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Everyone Gets Gold Stars but Me!
For Ages 4-8

The teacher's gold stars are missing, and Peppermint Patty is the prime suspect. With the help of her trusty attorney, Snoopy, Peppermint Patty solves the mystery of the missing gold stars.

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You're Weird, Sir!
You're Weird, Sir!, a very witty and charming collection of strips from 1981, contains one of the great practical jokes of all time. The diabolically subtle and clever Marcy convinces Peppermint Patty that a miracle has occurred when a butterfly lands on Patty's nose.

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You're Our New Mascot, Chuck!
For Ages 4-8

When Peppermint Patty recruits him for her baseball team, Charlie Brown thinks he has been selected to be their new star pitcher, until he is handed a pelican costume and told to prepare for mascot duty.

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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
For Ages 4-8

It's Thanksgiving time! Peppermint Patty invites the gang over for dinner at Charlie Brown's, even though all he can make is cold cereal and toast! With the help of Snoopy and Woodstock, Charlie Brown braves the kitchen -- but can he make a meal everyone will be grateful for? Celebrate with the Peanuts gang as they give thanks in this adaptation of the classic television special.

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Summers Fly, Winters Walk
In Summers Fly, Winters Walk, Snoopy plays the Easter Beagle, delivering eggs to good kids on Easter Sunday. Marcie's adventure at summer camp turns into a disaster when she attracts a pesky admirer who calls her 'lambcake, ' and finds herself forced to bop him. You will find other delightful comic strips from 1976 in this book.

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Don't Hassle Me With Your Sighs, Chuck
Don't Hassle Me With Your Sighs, Chuck, a collection of strips from 1976, reveals that both Linus and Snoopy once fell for the same girl, the beautiful Truffles! When Truffles is Linus's first true love, Snoopy feigns affection for her only for the sake of her chocolate chip cookies. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown's usual tour of duty at summer camp is interrupted when gets his the chance to see his sports hero, Joe Shlabotnkik, and comes away with an autographed baseball.

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This book features the Peanuts gang in the mid-1970's. In the story which inspired the title, Peppermint Patty shares a desk with the slightly embarrased Charlie Brown. Peppermint Patty nags poor old Chuck to death until Charlie Brown finally yells "Stop criticizing me!"- you tell her, Chuck! As for Peppermint Patty, she gets so upset her mood ring pops! Schroeder humors Lucy after she's asked 1 too many stupid questions ("Do you think Beethoven was a better musician than Elton John?") and graciously dons a pair of Elton's specs magnaminously given by you-know-who.

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