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A Charlie Brown Christmas (Books, Videos, Music, and Toys)

The World According to Lucy

(Strips from 1966)

Five cents is a bargain for great advice. Especially when it’s coming from Lucy Van Pelt! So what if she has a reputation for being a little bossy, a little crabby. And when she pulls that football away from Charlie Brown (just when he thinks this time he might actually kick it) she’s really doing it for his own good. These sorts of things build character. So join Lucy and the whole Peanuts gang in this wonderful new collection of old favorites–and you’ll see that as long as you do exactly what Lucy says, everything will be just fine!

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What's Wrong With Being Crabby?
What's Wrong with Being Crabby? is a royal tribute to Lucy as the Queen of Mean. She romps through this choice collection of strips from 1963 and 1964 and wreaks havoc wherever she goes, raising the craft of crabbiness to new heights and teaching Charlie Brown's little sister, Sally, to follow in her footsteps. She manages to top even herself, however, when she makes a slide presentation of Charlie Brown's faults and foibles.

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What's Wrong with Being Crabby? presents both classic Sunday "Peanuts" strips from 1962-65 along with daily comics from 1963-64 (do not ask me to explain why the slight mismatch." The first half of the book offers the Sunday comics and for those who remember the book "The Gospel According to Peanuts," you will find some of Charles M. Schulz's most explicitly religious strips as Linus quotes scriptures regarding yokes and Sally confesses to her brother that they prayed in school. Linus' security blanket is in for some rough times from both his grandmother and Snoopy, while Charlie Brown continues his epic effort to fly that darn kite. Meanwhile, Snoopy is making friends with both the birds and the rabbits and the sibling rivalry between Lucy and Linus reaches new heights. Going through these classic "Peanuts" strips again only serves to remind me that Schulz was the master of the half-page Sunday strip as well as of the thematic week of daily strips.

The second half of this collection provides more "Peanuts" dramatics as all Charlie Brown needs to do is hold the other team for one more inning and the team will win the championship. Meanwhile, Lucy has a desire to be called "cutie," Snoopy has to go to the hospital, Linus has to perform in the Christmas pageant, and Sally decides not to go to school (since she went last year). However, Charlie Brown is clearly the focal point of these strips. After all, he has a crush on the little red haired girl, having to feed Snoopy at suppertime, having "little leaguer's elbow," and receiving a bill from Lucy ...for psychiatric services including a slide show of all of his faults. So when the little red head girl comes to watch the baseball game it is the worst of both worlds. The sign of the times is the arrival of 5 95472 in the neighborhood; this is one of the few "new" Peanuts characters not to pan out, and represents that moment in history when the zip code was introduced into American culture.

For the record, What's Wrong with Being Crabby? reprints "Peanuts' strips from Sunday's Fun Day, Charlie Brown and As You Like It, Charlie Brown.

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Lucy: Not Just Another Pretty Face
Making her debut in 1952, just two short years after the Peanuts comic strip first ran, Lucy Van Pelt burst into the popular daily, becoming the high-voltage catalyst to ignite the comedic fire under the lovable members of the original Peanuts gang. Lucy's take-charge attitude and annoying self-confidence immediately cast her as one of the favorite characters of the strip as well as an unlikely, but powerful, role model for men and women alike. To ardent fans of the strip, she is best loved for being bossy and charmingly crabbya disposition that is solely her own.

Lucy: Not Just Another Pretty Face celebrates all of the wit, wisdom, and relentless criticism that Lucy has to offer in an unprecedented collection of strips devoted especially to her. Whether she is leaning on Schroeder's piano or counseling good ol' Charlie Brown, her flawless advice and zany antics have kept Peanuts fans laughing and learning for more than 45 years. Classic strips and special interactive features in each chapter keep the pages turning and the laughs coming.

With an introduction by Charles M. Schulz, you'll learn more about the evolution of Lucy's unique personality and how it has changed over the decades. Lucy: Not Just Another Pretty Face is an outstanding treasury for every Lucy devotee's library. As the original dominant female character in Peanuts, it is easy to see why she is considered the brains and the beauty of the strip! "That'll be five cents, please!"

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Lose the Blanket, Linus!

(Ready-To-Read. Level 2)
For Ages 4-8

Linus loves his blanket. In fact, Lucy thinks he's too attached. But can Linus do without his trusty blanket? Lucy wants to make him!

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I've Been Traded for a Pizza?
For Ages 4-8

What do team managers Charlie Brown, and Peppermint Patty have in common? They both have terrible right fielders. So they decide on a trade: Peppermint Patty gets Lucy, and Charlie Brown gets Marcie...and a pizza.

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Good Grief! Gardening Is Hard Work!
For Ages 4-8

Lucy puts Linus and Snoopy to work in her garden, and all day long, the hired hands dig, spade, and plant until they are so tired they can't move. Won't Lucy be surprised to see what grows instead of the potatoes, radishes, and peas she expected!

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Born Crabby
"Crabby takes a lot of practice," says Lucy... and she should know! Lucy spends most of her time either yelling at poor Linus or sulking in her beanbag chairbut don't we all have bad days? Born Crabby takes a look at the lighter side of feeling blue and waking up on the wrong side of the bed. For Lucy, though, it's a way of life!

Those who perpetually wake up "on the wrong side of the bed" will recognize themselves and laugh as Lucy continually finds ways to justify her crabby behavior. Mini-format Peanuts Wisdom books feature the colorful drawings of Charles Schulz throughout, gift wrap enclosed in the back flap, and a removable gift tag. 4" x 4".

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Siblings (Should Never Be in the Same Family!)
Brothers and sisters, you can't live with them, you can't live without them. Join Lucy and Linus in this delightful compilation of brotherly (and sisterly) love! Siblings of all ages will relate to the joy and pain of being a part of a family... and a member of the Peanuts gang!

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Who's the Funny-Looking Kid With the Big Nose?
Lucy faces the perils of her imagination when she stays home alone while the rest of the family is away. And the reason for her nervousness? Knowing she's in the same house as LInus's security blanket! Is the dreaded blanket really after her because of her vehement campaign against it? PEANUTS fans will love these revived strips originally penned in 1965 and 1966.

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I'll Be Home Soon, Snoopy
For Ages 4-8

Snoopy is miserable because Charlie Brown and the family have gone away and, although a guest of Lucy and Linus, he wants desperately for them to come back so that he can go back home and be with his own family, especially Charlie Brown.

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Lucy Blank Journal: Ruled
With one featuring the irrepressible Lucy Van Pelt and another featuring the ingenuous Charlie Brown, the Peanuts Program offers two new blank journals, each packed with images of its respective character. What a perfect way to encourage that someone special to record their thoughts!

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